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Elite Plant Food Further Information

Can I increase the Micro, Grow and Bloom formulas beyond what the feed schedule states?

The line was created for commercial operations where you use the least possible plant food. Flying Skull suggest that you stick with the feed schedule and in some instances you can use less than what they publish. Many grow stores and plant food lines preach that more plant food equals better plants. This may be true for some hobby plant foods but not for the Elite line of plant food from Flying Skull.

What is the best range of plant food strength?

Flying Skull have many growers who are using between 350 ppm and 500 ppm of TDS and having excellent results. This allows you to stretch the plant food out for your best profits. The feed charts that Flying Skull publish have been converted to mls per 4 litres (from teaspoons per gallon) and PPM. They  suggest you use PPM/TDS to create your recipes. It makes it much easier and more exacting.

Here is why:
2.5ml of Micro = 400 ppm TDS
2.5ml of Grow = 200 ppm TDS
2.5ml of Bloom = 200 ppm TDS

A grower’s custom bloom recipe used at a 450 feed target might be addressed as:
300 ppm/TDS Elite Micro
75 ppm/TDS Elite Grow
75 ppm/TDS Elite Bloom

The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for Elite Bloom, Elite Grow and Elite Micro can be downloaded by clicking the product names below:

Elite Bloom SDS
Elite Grow SDS
Elite Micro SDS