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On Schedule

In stock now!

On Schedule's part in the Flying Skull line is to help the grower master the timing of harvests so they are On Schedule.

On Schedule is simply sprayed onto the plants during the last 10 day period before turning lighting systems to 12 ON 12 OFF. It will be a few days after the lights have gone to 12 ON 12 OFF that you will notice enhanced bud set. It will always be the same length of time, from the time your lighting was turned to 12/12 that you will see the plants setting bud.

It’s good knowing you're ON Schedule.

Available in 250ml bottles.

  • Flying Skull On Schedule 250ml Bottle Image Flying Skull On Schedule 250ml Bottle Label

    On Schedule - 250ml

    In stock now! On Schedule helps growers to schedule harvest times and enhance buds and blooms. Mix On Schedule with water and apply to the leaves or roots of any plant that blooms. Directions for Use Shake bottle thoroughly before dispensing. Root...